Our School

4K Collage

The Appleton Community 4K offices are housed inside the Appleton Area School District Welcome Center.

Guiding Principles of Appleton Community 4K

We believe that a successful and effective four-year-old kindergarten program:

  • Recognizes that early relationships between and within the constellation of people surrounding the young child matter.
  • Is universal, yet optional, with choices provided for meeting children’s early learning needs with consistent expectations.
  • Is inclusive of all children. We recognize and support all abilities and needs while respecting culture, diversity, and knowing the individual stages through which children develop.
  • Prepares the whole child. We promote active learning, learning through play, and growth in communication, physical, social and emotional development.
  • Uses knowledge of child growth and development as the foundation for educational experiences, professional development, and continuous program improvement.
  • Engages with and is supported by the community. The community is an invaluable component.
  • Supports the parents as the child’s primary teacher. We build partnerships between parents and early care and education.
  • Views each child as part of a family. We provide information to families about valuable resources and opportunities in the community.
  • Takes place in high quality environments that are nurturing and developmentally appropriate.
  • Fosters each child’s love of learning. Learning experiences are driven by individual child’s interests and encourage creativity, curiosity, problem solving and exploration.

Message from the Director

A very special welcome to all of our 4K students and families! 

Appleton Community 4K was designed to be a community collaboration with our childcare, preschool, Head Start and private school partners in the Appleton community. We are currently collaborating with 18 community partner sites and 4 school host sites, to provide high quality early learning experiences for our 4K students.

A summer highlight for our teachers and assistants was a fabulous opportunity in our 4K Institute to hear from a national expert on the topic of implementing curriculum in a play-based model. This workshop provided our 4K team with additional strategies for planning and integrating instruction during children’s play. 

When children this age are asked what they did at school, it is very typical and accurate for them to answer with, “I played.” To learn more about what they were learning during their play, I encourage you to contact your child’s teacher who can share with you the learning objectives and how they were achieved through your child’s play.

As we move through our school year together, we look forward to sharing the many new skills your children learn in their 4K experiences.

Suzette Preston