3 to 5 Year Old Developmental Screenings

3 to 5 Year Old Developmental Screenings
Posted on 01/14/2020
Children between the ages of 3 and 5 who are not enrolled in 5-year-old kindergarten, and who live in the Appleton Area School District, are eligible for a developmental screening. 

What is a Developmental Screening?

The screening is a quick snapshot in time of your child’s overall development. The developmental screening is designed to inform families about typical child growth and development; and expand awareness of available community resources for children ages birth to five. The screening also helps identify children in need of further assessment.

Who needs to be screened?
The Appleton Area School District recommends that ALL children participate in a developmental screening. Children can be screened on or after their 3rd birthday. Preference is to screen children at age 3 and before entering 4K. However, we do screen students attending 4K. 

To schedule an appointment:

Please call Sharon at 920-832-6109. Parents or Guardians do not need to have concerns to schedule a screening!

Upcoming dates, times, and locations for screenings can always be found at this link.