School Hours

Appleton Community 4K School Hours

*Community Site Hours:

8:30 AM - 11:14 AM

12:20 PM - 3:04 PM

*Neighborhood Nursery School, Christian Cooperative, Community Nursery School and UW-O Head Start Sites have individual calendars and school hours.

School Host Site Hours:

8:27 AM - 11:11 AM

12:32 PM - 3:16 PM


Did you know that students as early as 4K can fall behind in their learning if they miss just a day or two days each month? Research that studies chronic absenteeism and reading is consistently demonstrating that students who miss 18 or more days of school are less likely to develop pre-literacy skills.

In addition, students who are regularly absent in 4K-grade 3 will have a more difficult time learning to read and will learn to read at a later time then their peers who attend school regularly.

Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school and themselves. We appreciate your efforts to ensure your child arrives for school on time and that appointments and extended trips are scheduled at times when school is not in session.

Attendance Matters