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Why Bilingual 4K?

Bilingual education provides an incredible opportunity to be bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural. These opportunities can have significant benefits in high school, college, and beyond. Bilingual education can often be the most effective when children are beginning preschool or elementary school.

In 4K, we believe in the assets our multilingual students bring to school and honor those assets while preparing students for K-12 education. Becoming bilingual or multilingual in early childhood has been shown to positively impact brain development in many areas, such as attention. Language is not learned in isolation - children learn language through their interactions with others and their environments. (WIDA 2021)

The 4K Bilingual program follows the AASD 4K schedule and 4K curriculum and provides developmentally appropriate literacy and language skills and strategies.

AM and PM sessions which will include 10 Spanish speaking students and 10 English speaking students each. 

Further questions? Please call the 4K office at (920) 852-5600.

¿Por qué bilingüe? / Why Bilingual?

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Sessions: AM and PM
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