AASD COVID-19 Testing Now Available

AASD COVID-19 Testing Now Available
Posted on 11/01/2021

Drive-Through Testing Begins Nov 1

As part of the Appleton Area School District’s layered mitigation strategies to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep our schools open for in-person learning, we are offering free COVID-19 drive-through testing for symptomatic students and staff. We are partnering with Novir, a diagnostic biotechnology company that was assigned to the AASD through the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. 

Starting Monday, November 1, our drive-through testing site will be located in the parking lot off of the Grand Meridian, 2621 N. Oneida Street (near the AASD Welcome Center) will be open Monday - Friday, from 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. for symptomatic students and staff.

At this time, this testing site is for symptomatic students and staff only.

We encourage AASD families that pick up their symptomatic students from school to come to this testing site on their way home to get tested. If a student/staff member becomes symptomatic overnight, they should visit the drive-through testing site as soon as possible to get tested. Appleton Community 4K community partner site families should also use the drive-through testing site. 

If you have not yet registered with Novir, instructions to provide consent for your student and register are below. Registration is required for Novir, on behalf of AASD, to test your child if they show symptoms consistent with COVID-19. 

If your student does not have any symptoms and your family is seeking testing, please reach out to your doctor, or see this list of area testing locations.

Testing Entrance

How to Access Testing

  1. Pull into the parking lot off of the Grand Meridian (2621 N. Oneida Street) from North Oneida Street through the entrance nearest the water tower. 
  2. Families, students, and staff should remain in their vehicles and pull into a testing spot. 
  3. Novir staff will approach the vehicle, check that the student/staff member is registered with Novir and then administer an antigen test.
  4. They will then return to the vehicle approximately 15 minutes later to share the results. 

If the antigen test is positive, the student/staff member would need to follow the positive case process including notifying their school/AASD Human Resources Department.

If the antigen test is negative, the symptomatic student/staff will need a follow-up PCR test that can be administered that same day at the AASD testing site. PCR tests will be sent to a Department of Health Services designated lab to be read and the results will be shared through the Novir Tracking system. 

Although AASD students/staff are not required to use this testing site, we want to make testing as convenient as possible for our families and staff. For more information on other local testing opportunities, please reach out to your doctor, or see this list of area testing locations.

Haven’t registered yet? 
To register and provide consent for your child, please visit TrackbyNovir.com and click the Sign-Up link, fill in the requested information, agree to the consent terms, and respond to some recent health questions. There will be a few different screens and you will get a "Success" pop-up once you finish the registration process. The last question on the first page will ask for your Organization Code. The code is unique to each school, please ensure you enter the Organization Code for the school your student attends. Find your school’s code here.

Parents/Guardians, should register with name and contact information first, and then click the + Add a Household Member link to register all of your students. This will ensure you are notified when their results are entered. The Novir registration system is unable to register the same email for different school codes. Families will need to use a different email if they need to register their children at different schools. If you need help with the registration/consent process, or have questions, please reach out to support@novir-usa.com  or call (262) 421-6393.